Huawei announces it’s Mate 40 series

Gentlemen, this is a power meter for seriously. meter 40 meter 40 Pro. First lesson looks out line every generation I made for the series. We have iconic a symmetrical design. Two years ago the party made 40,000. The camera array is very iconic. These last few years, the major 30 series, The heathering design, this is the today’s mid 40 series. We call it the special ring design this camera iconica symmetric, and we bring the elegance of 80 degree culture on this phone. Very large curvature. And then today, on Mate 40 series, we reserve physical volume button. But also we have a virtual key, to control the volume. No matter left hand or right hand, you can control it, the way you like. Where all you need, dual stereo speaker. And more importantly this speaker, have the best of the best stereo. 150% stronger base when you listening the music while you play the mobile gaming or when you make a phone call hand free conference call. You’re always kind of achieve as a pessimist you experience the best audio experience your Huawei Mate, 40 Pro and pro placer. Is IP 68 rated. Actually we are doing the better than this. The mate 40 IP53 rated. The mate 40 uses a 6.5 inch flex OLEDA have a very high situation high concentration. And all you have in screen fingerprint sensor and even though one small camera hole. But it is supported attention-aware technologies. And also it has refresh rate is 90 hertz. The 90 hertz refresh rate brings you smooth operation when you’re using the phone. It is much better than 60 hertz. It’s very easy for us to provide 120 hertz. But higher refresh rate means higher power consumption. So the 90 hertz is a better balance between the power consumption lumpen life and the smooth operation. The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is a more larger screen. This screen is 6.76. Inch flex OLED with more higher resolution and it has dual front camera supporting 3D face unlock with attention aware technology, and also with in screen fingerprint. Also 90Hz refersh rate brings you really smooth operation. And this large screen is very compact. It is a 6.76 inch, but is much narrower than the other phone. In your hand is comfortable and it is much narrow. And there is this curvature, the front and the back the curvature, bringing you really comfortable hold. Every generation of Huawei flagship we bring, Innovation of the color. Today we bring a color of mystery color. This is the mystique suwa. This mystique of seiwa is very unique. You can see it from different lighting environment and different angle. You see it is a different color. [BLANK_AUDIO] So it’s not just one color is very unique and we have classical black color premium and the classic white, elegant and also we provide the regular laser washing The Vegan laser uniform last year made 30 serious we have, this vague leather soft to touch and more durable. And we provide a two color feel selection, yellow and green. These vegan leather. [BLANK_AUDIO] And also we brewing the nanotech ceramic technology. You. From this year’s the P40 Pro+, the consumers really love it. It brings diamond-like shinning and a sapphire like toughness. Mate 40 Pro+, we have two colour for your selection, ceramic white and ceramic black. Ladies and gentlemen, This is our design of our mid 40 series. inside of this phone is the world’s most powerful Kirin 9000. The cheap, the most powerful era is five nanometer not only five It’s also worth the first five nanometer 5G SOC [APPLAUSE] 15 point 3 billion consists of only 30% more chances than a 14. [APPLAUSE] The most sophisticated 5g SOC chipset most powerful inside this the fastest optical CPU 10% faster than other flagship chipset. But more importantly, the GPU 24 call GPU 32% faster than the other flagship chipset. [APPLAUSE] Today, the GPU even more important than CPU. Because most of our mobile gaming they are mainly using GPU performance. And also, more importantly, we bring the energy efficiency. The lower power consumption, that’s the key, long battery life. So the CPU, the CPU and the GPU, the power humans either much higher than the other chimps have. After 18 months you’re using the Huawei flagship phones is you have a smooth experience. Today we upgrade the technology to 36 a month. [APPLAUSE] Four years ago and we have the slogan is the fastest, the fast Today, after 36 months, the phone’s speed only reduced by 2.5%. And also we bring you along Lasting, a 5G battery with 44,400 milliamp hour battery inside. We have much longer battery life compared with other flagship phones. With our low power consumption and our powerful processor technology inside the mill 44,200 milliamp hour battery, both of them have large battery longer life today made 40 serious. we upgraded to 66 watt, the faster supercharger on flagship smartphone. The 6 Sigma is the best the balance of the battery density and make the phone slim and also with fast charging. And I made 40 Pro and Pro Plus we upgraded to 50 volt superfast while this is how we made the 40 and a 44 [APPLAUSE] And on the main camera lens, all using super sensing a wide angle 50 megapixel, a large sensor, the mate 40 has 3 times telephoto, and a support of 5 times optical zooming range. And mate 40 pro has an ultra wide angle cine camera The most powerful thing camera have you do take the best video. This is why we made 40 Pro pass the middle 40 pro pasla have the amazing 10 times periscope tele telephoto. You can maximum support the 17 times optical zoom range. The most powerful camera technology in world [APPLAUSE] Insider is made 40 series we have the world’s largest sensor in smartphone you can see compared with other sensor is much bigger and you can see our comparison now 15 megapixel compared with the other 108 megapixel We have a better color better detail. Our single shot in a low light environment much better than the other from single shots you can see. unbeatable our single shot even better than the other phones night mode. We bring the industry is a pastor. 10 times the optical room, the front and the back both to have the ultra wide angle and as a sensor for the wide angle, both the rear camera and the front camera or has a larger sensor and the last pixel in the wide angle in low light you can see this article is much better than the other With a wide angle you can take the vivid color and the detail. With watching as wide angle you could take the decisive moment. Even in the unit with ultra wide angle you can take the stick at night, the front as wide angle. When you take a selfie, the more wider and also more smarter Intensity the field of view by more people coming in, you can use the more wide angle so you have you to see more. And the selfie stick more people with this ultra wide angle, lens gentlemen, the price for me the 40 899 euro [APPLAUSE] Mate 40 Pro, 1199 euro. The Huawei Mate 40 Pro +. The Price Is 1399 euro. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we made the four series with our leading. Design, performance, foot mobile photography and user experience leave further ahead [SOUND]